The questions we get asked all the time are, "How do we use this stuff?" and "When do we use it?"

If you like to watch video, check out this video.  If you're a reader, scroll down and we explain it in words.

First, let's explain there are 2 categories of WHEN to use products while bowling.  The USBC determines these categories and the lists can be found on their website.  Products can either be used Before and After Bowling or Anytime.  To be used Anytime, it must have USBC Approved Anytime Logo on the label and be listed on Bowl.com. If there is no mark on the label, it is best to err on the side of caution and only use it before and after bowling.  We will explain our products based on which category they fall into.

Before and After Use

If USBC tests a product and deems it before and after, it either leaves a residue on the ball or changes the surface of the ball (like a sanding pad).  If a product is listed on the Before and After list, it can normally be used up until the first ball of competition is thrown.  It is important to ALWAYS check the rules of the event you are bowling.  Some tournaments limit the use of these products to before practice starts and others allow them between games.  However, the majority of leagues and tournaments deem them okay for use up until the first ball of competition has been thrown.


Purpose: To remove oil from the coverstock and replace it with tackifiers to keep your bowling ball performing at its peak. 

Use: Spray directly onto the cover of the bowling ball.  Let it soak in for about 30 seconds.  Then, wipe off the excess by applying That Purple Stuff to a CtD PowerPad and wiping the surface of the ball.  Repeat on each half of the bowling ball. 


Purpose: To alter the surface of the bowling ball to remove "lane shine" and can increase or decrease hook potential.  The lower number grit pads 500, 1000, 1500 can be used to increase hook when bowling on longer patterns. The higher number grit pads 2000, 3000, P5000D can be used to decrease hook on shorter patters. 

Use: Can be used wet or dry by hand, by spinner, or on a resurfacing machine.  We do recommend using a permanent marker and write the grit number on the back of the pad.  For general surface maintenance, using medium pressure, rub the surface of the ball in small circles until you have covered the entire surface of the ball.  P5000D requires a 3000 grit base finish to produce a 4000 grit surface when used by hand. A 5000 grit surface can be achieved when used on a ball spinner or a bowling ball resurfacing machine. Per USBC regulation, you must sand the ENTIRE SURFACE of the bowling ball. A more detailed use guide will be published soon.

Approved Anytime Products


Purpose: To clean the bowling ball for a consistent reaction. To remove the performance effects of That Wow Factor TR and HM products. Can be used on any bowling ball.

Use: Apply 3 small stripes (or pumps if using a foam bottle) to a CtD PowerPad or Shammy and use the moistened pad to wipe the ball off before each shot.  You should not need to apply any more product to the pad while bowling.  It will absorb into the pad and last in the pad for about 3 games.


Purpose: To remove dirt and oil from the bowling ball without using any liquid product. For dry towel events.

Use: The fluffy light colored side should be used to wipe the ball off each shot to remove the dirt and oil from the ball.  The darker colored side can be used in lighter oil conditions or to remove belt marks and scuff marks from the ball.


Purpose: To apply the liquid products to the bowling ball and assist in removing dirt and oil. To remove residual debris when sanding a bowling ball

Use: That Purple Stuff and So Fresh & So Clean can share a CtD PowerPad. That Wow Factor HM and That Wow Factor TR should be applied using their own CtD Power Pad.  Simply apply the desired liquid to the pad and wipe the ball off with the pad. 


- Products that alter the surface of the ball or leave a residue are only allowed before and after bowling
- Products that are approved for anytime use by the USBC must display the symbol on the packaging and be listed on the USBC website
- That Purple Stuff is a cleaner which works with So Fresh & So Clean and can be used on the same pad
- That Purple Stuff cleans off the effects of That Wow Factor TR & That Wow Factor HM.  These products should all be applied using their own pad because they do not work together.
- Big Fluffy Pad (BFP) is made to be used dry and both sides can be used
- All of our cleaning pads are machine washable.  Hand wash in the sink first to break down the dirt and oil, rinse well, machine wash and air dry.

Professional Tip For Using TruCut By Hand

To aid in debris removal and maximize impact when using TruCut, use a CtD Power Pad. Place a TruCut pad in the center of the CtD Power Pad and spray So Fresh & So Clean directly on the TruCut pad. Sand the entire surface of the ball. When finished wipe off with That Purple Stuff. The debris will be removed, and ball will feel extremely tacky.